Our family company started in the early 50's when the first of generation got into the coffee-business. In 1968 it was decided to create Coffee Trading Agency (CTA) under its present form. CTA is a well known traditional green coffee agent. We have experience in the producing countries where Christian Meeùs (second generation) used to live.

  • Working in the 1970's in plantations, beneficios, cupping-departments and export departments in Nicaragua, Costa Rica , Guatemala and Brazil.
  • In the 1980's CTA was the main agent of the Nicaraguan sole state-exporter : ENCAFE. We were managing for them the warehouse operation in the port of GHENT, followed by the port of ZEEBRUGGE.
  • In the 1990's several CTA-offices were created in Central America as well as a privileged relation in Zaire ( now D.R. of CONGO).
  • In the years 2000 India coffee was also included in the offered coffees.
  • In 2014 we started as a principal. Now, it is Coffee Trading Agency (CTA), that can Pre Finance the Coffee Contracts that started in Latin America.

In addition, Christian Meeùs, who is leading the company since 1985 created a consulting department based on the knowledge of the company in the Central American region. One of the main such activities is advising financial institutions on the activities of pre financing coffee which we have been doing since 1986.

  Christian Meeùs